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Orangutans - Year 1 & Year 2

Welcome to Orangutans!







Picture 1 Our class teacher is Miss Stancer.
Picture 2 Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Kyne.
Picture 3 Our class teaching assistant is Mrs Smith.

 Miss Stancer is our class teacher. She has a pet tortoise called Martha and a Ragdoll cat called Winnie. She is a massive   Manchester United fan and has a very large collection of Disney films! She likes to travel and shares with us experiences of  her holiday to Sri Lanka, where she saw sea turtles and participated in a Buddhist festival with dancing elephants. 

Miss  Stancer is fun, caring, bubbly and kind, and encourages us to try our best and dream big!



We are a mixed year 1 and year 2 class, and we love to learn and have fun. We have very positive attitudes towards learning and embrace new learning experiences and challenges! We never give up even when something can seem tricky, you will often hear us saying "we can't do it YET" or "just keep trying". We are very hardworking,  always trying our best, and understand mistakes are part of learning. We work collaboratively when working in groups or with a partner  ; we love to share our learning, ideas and experiences with each other. We are kind, caring and thoughtful friends, looking out for one another and comforting each other if we are feeling sad or hurt.


Learning in Autumn 1 "Why would a dinosaur not make a good pet?"

 This half term our learning challenge question is "How have toys changed?" We shall be visiting Mansfield Museum to 
 learn about toys from the past. During Design Technology, we shall be designing and making a toy car, and in Computing 
 we will be using Purple Mash and Mash cams on the iPads. During History sessions, we shall be looking at toys from the  past 
and present, and sorting them accordingly. In PE, we shall be learning gymnastic skills with Mrs Lee and participating in parachute games. During RE sessions, we will be following the Discovery scheme for Autumn 2 and in Music we will be 

 following the Charanga scheme for Autumn 2. 







  In English this half term we shall be reading and listening to the story Lost in the toy museum and watching Toy Story.

 We shall be learning about suffixes, contractions and onomatopoeias, and having a go at applying them in our own 
 We will also be learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gun Powder plot, sequencing the events in chronological 
 order.The three main outcomes for English this half term is to write a firework shape poem,  to write a film review for 
 PIXAR about Toy Story, and to write a letter for Santa 

  In Maths this half term we will be learning about fractions; recognising, finding and naming half, quarters and thirds of 

 shapes and quantities. When learning about money we will be recognising and identifying coins and notes, and combining 
 them to make a particular value. When learning about time we will be recognising and using language relating to dates 
 including days of the week, weeks, months and years, and will be sequencing events in chronological order using appropriate
 language. We will also be learning to tell the time to quarter to and quarter past the hour. During this half term, we will 
 also be learning about capacity and volume, statistics, and skills to solve multiplication and division problems. 

 In Science this half term we will be learning about materials. This will include sorting objects by what material they are 
 made from, learning about properties of materials, and carrying out an investigation into how far cars roll (linking to
 Maths by measuring difference). 

 Our Jigsaw topic this term is Celebrating Difference. 

Important information about Orangutans 


 PE Days: Monday and Wednesday (Children should  have their PE kit in school. If your child has earrings please remove   them or provide your child with plasters). 

 Homework is given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday. Children who return their   homework on time will receive a stamp on their stamp sheet and a mark on the class homework chart.

 Open Door: Tuesday at 2.55pm

 Reading Books: Your child's reading book will be changed once a week. Our class reading chart will be displayed on our   classroom window and filled in when your child reaches one of the milestones in their reading diary. 




 Access more opportunities to learn, by visiting the websites below:

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