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Catch-up funding

What is catch-up funding?

Catch-up funding was announced by the Government to support children who had fallen behind in education due to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures for most children. This is especially important to the most vulnerable children in our society and children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. 


How much money will John T. Rice get?

John T. Rice should get £80 per pupil in FS2 - Y2 so this should be £12,160. This will be put into our budget during Autumn 2020, Spring and Summer 2021 in three separate amounts.


What will the money be used for at John T. Rice?

Schools can make the decision as to what they spend the catch - up funding on.  By looking at our unique situation and the children at our school we decided to spend the funding on the following main aspects:


  • Employment of an additional Teaching assistant to work with small groups and 1:1 with children who need to catch-up in reading, writing and maths.  
  • To support the cost of teaching assistants being in class all day to work with small group and 1:1 on specific learning outcomes. 
  • Purchase of the maths intervention Breaking Barriers to support children who need to catch up in Maths. 
  • Train and deliver the NELI language intervention for Foundation Stage 2 children.
  • Purchase additional IT devices to support online learning.

Catch-up funding plan 2020-2021