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Orangutans - Year 2

Welcome to Orangutans!







 Mrs Tinsley is our class teacher. She has a pet tortoise called Martha, a Ragdoll cat called Winnie and a British   Shorthair kitten called Penelope or Pea for short. She is a massive   Manchester United fan and has a very large collection of Disney films! She likes to go shopping with her family and eating out with close friends.  Mrs Tinsley is fun, caring, bubbly and kind, and encourages us to try our best and dream big!



We are a year 2 class!  We have very positive attitudes towards learning and embrace new learning experiences and challenges! We never give up even when something can seem tricky, you will often hear us saying "we can't do it YET" or "just keep trying". We are very hardworking, and understand mistakes are part of learning. We work collaboratively when working in groups or with a partner; we love to share our learning, ideas and experiences with each other. Mrs Tinsley likes our lessons to be fun, enjoyable and interactive; she encourages us to immerse ourselves in our learning. She has high expectations for us and wants us to achieve the best whilst being the best versions of ourselves we can be! We are kind, caring and thoughtful friends, looking out for one another and comforting each other if we are feeling sad or hurt.


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Important information about Orangutans 


  PE Days: Tuesday and Friday (Children should  come to school in their PE and remove ear-rings. (If this is not possible, please cover with a plaster or tap).

Homework is given out on a Friday and needs to be returned the following Wednesday. Children who return their   homework on time will receive a stamp on their stamp sheet and a mark on the class homework chart.

 Reading Books: Your child's reading book will be changed once a week. Our class reading chart will be displayed on   our classroom window and filled in when your child reaches one of the milestones in their reading diary. 


Please also access your child's reading books on Bug Club. A new book will be allocated every Monday.



This half term our topic is Once upon a time.  
 In Geography, we will be learning about different human and physical geographical features and using basic geographical language to refer to key features.  We will link our geography work to fairy tale settings; our final outcome will be to label and write about different features in pictures of fairy tale settings.  
During our Design Technology day we will work collaboratively in groups to design, make and evaluate a 
house for the 3 little pigs to live in. Our DT work will link with our Science topic of materials. When designing and making our houses we will

need to think carefully about meeting the design brief; to design a house with a waterproof roof to keep the 3 little pigs dry. Later in the half term our baking will focus on the skills of weighing and mixing, when we make gingerbread reindeer biscuits.  During Computing lessons, our learning will be based on using the internet safely.  We will recap the SMART rules from Year 1 and our final outcome will be to use the internet to search for facts about an author linked to the Big Bedtime reading events. In RE, we will be focussing our learning around the topic of Christmas. Our final outcome in RE, will be to write about why Christmas is important to Christians and the symbolism of the Advent wreath. 
During the first week back we will be focussing our topic afternoons on celebrating Black History Month. We will learn about the lives and 
 the significant contributions of Martin Luther King, Marcus Rashford, Rosa Parkes and Josephine Baker. 

During the half term we will have learning days focussed on different celebrations and curriculum areas including Diwali, Remembrance Day and Anti-Bullying week. Look out for photos of the work we produce for these days above! 



 This half term our focussed texts are Bonfire night, The true story of the 3 little pigs, The three little wolves and the big bad pig and 

 The Christmas story. 

 During our first week back we will be planning and writing our own 5 senses firework shape poems. When reading The true story of the 3 little pigs we will be using the story to debate whether we think the wolf is innocent or guilty of blowing the pigs houses down. We will be
 planning and writing letters to prove either the wolf's innocence or guilt. When reading The three little wolves and the big bad pig we will
 be planning and writing our own alternative 3 little pigs stories. When reading the Christmas story we will be thinking about the importance

 of the story to Christians and our end piece of writing will link to RE. 

 During grammar lessons we will be learning about commas, contraction words and verbs (linked to spelling rules e.g. doubling the
  consonants)  We will be encouraged
to apply them in our end of unit  pieces of writing. 




Our Maths Lessons this half term will focus on 3D shape, place value to 100, number facts to 100 and quick number facts ( 2, 5 and 10). We will
 also be participating in problem solving and reasoning lessons based on the concepts learnt throughout the week. 

 In Science this half term our learning will focus on materials. We will be identifying and comparing the suitability of a variety of everyday
 materials including wood, metal, plastic, glass, brick, rock, paper and cardboard for particular uses. We will also be investigating how the 
 shapes of of solid objects made from different materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. During our final
 science investigation we will be investigating different materials to make a suitable waterproof roof for a house for the 3 little pigs (DT link).

Our Jigsaw theme this half term is Celebrating difference.  We will be exploring and celebrating what makes us difference. We will also

 be celebrating Anti-Bullying week; taking part in an anti-bullying workshop and participating in anti-bullying activities. 
During British Values lessons we will be thinking about Respect. We will be discussing the importance of having manners (saying please and 
 thank you), and having respect for both children and adults at school. 



 Access more opportunities to learn, by visiting the websites below:

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 Purple Mash: (remember to login in using your assigned username and password)