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How to be a great learner

How to be a successful learner at John T. Rice Infants

Learning is not just about facts and remembering things. At John T. Rice Infants, we believe learning is about developing the skills in order to effectively learn. These skills are taught to our children throughout the time they are here and provide them with important tools that allow them to engage fully.  We call these learning skills - learning 'powers' because each of them has a Super Hero character attached. 


The learning skills we focus upon are:


The Keep it up Captain works hard at trying their best - even when things get tricky. They keep it up even when they feel like giving up. They are determined. 


The Super Chooser super hero makes sure they make the decisions and decides what they do and what they do not do.


The Link and Learn Hero thinks about what they already know and uses this to help them understand new ideas in their learning. This super power is a very clever super power to have!


The Fantastic Focus super hero makes sure they are listening and paying attention. They try not to miss important information. They use all of their senses to learn. They do not miss a thing!


The Have a go Hero superhero always tries everything when learning. They look at a learning task and say 'Yes I will give it a try!'  


The Super Explorer superhero loves to try new things. They venture into unknown territory and love to find out new things.


The I Know agent superhero enjoys working with things that they know about and become an expert in somethings. They sometimes help others learn about what they know.


Agent Ideas superhero has many different ideas. They share their ideas in class with other children and adults. They use their ideas in their own work - like when they do writing or art. 


The Achieving Superhero is a proud person. They believe in themselves. They know they have tried their best, listened and feel proud of everything they can do,


At John T. Rice Infants we believe every children is capable of all of these super hero learning powers and it is our aim to equip them with these tools to ensure they do the very best that they can do in life!


Each of the superhero learning behaviours are displayed in the classrooms and children are encouraged to channel their inner superhero whilst working and learning. 


Assemblies are focussed around these learning powers throughout the year and children are provided with time to think about what each power means.