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Long term plans


Thematic Approach

At John T Rice Infant School, we value greatly the importance that all subjects play in the development of our children in order to ignite and instil a passion for learning. There is evidence that teaching subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider topic-based curriculum allows pupils to make useful links between areas of learning and consolidate skills. Children are also likely to be more engaged in their learning if it has a context and theme that runs through it. John T Rice Infant School has therefore developed a thematic curriculum to deliver the National Curriculum and other aspects of the school curriculum, including RSHE, British Values and SMSC.



With the successful implementation of a rich, vibrant and balanced curriculum children will have developed the skills and knowledge to be successful, independent learners. The children at JTR will be actively engaged in learning and enthusiastic and this will be obvious for all to see.

All children will have experienced a curriculum that makes them ready for the next step of their educational journey ensuring they understand and experience learning about different cultures, music, dance, art, history and the world around them. Children will be able to make links to other learning, will show resilience when challenged and ask questions to further themselves. Children will understand when they feel under pressure and how to deal with this effectively. They will know when to speak up if they need support. Together with this, they will support one another showing compassion and kindness. 

The children at John T. Rice Infant School will aim high and shine.