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Orangutans- Year 1 & Year 2

Welcome to Orangutans!

  Our grown ups




   Mrs Brudzinski is our class teacher on Mondays and Tuesdays.             Mrs Tinsley is our class teacher on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.



     Miss Snood is our class teaching assistant. 




 We are a mixed year 1 and 2  class!  We have very positive attitudes towards learning and embrace
 new learning experiences and challenges! We never give up even when something can seem tricky, you will
 often hear us saying "we can't do it YET" or "just keep trying". We are very hardworking, and understand
 mistakes are part of learning. We work collaboratively when working in groups or with a partner; we love to

 share our learning, ideas and experiences with each other. Our grown ups like our lessons to be fun, enjoyable
 and interactive; they encourage us to immerse ourselves in our learning. They have high expectations for us and
 want us to achieve the best whilst being the best versions of ourselves we can be! We are kind, caring
 and thoughtful friends, looking out for one another and comforting each other if we are feeling sad or hurt.


 Our topic this half term is...






  In English we will firstly be reading Supertato (Run, Veggies, Run). We will create a WANTED poster to try and capture The 
  Evil Pea. We will then read Pumpkin Soup, before writing instructions to make our own pumpkin soup!
 Throughout the week we will also have handwriting, grammar and spelling lessons. 




 Year 1; This half term, our Maths learning will focus upon place value to 10, addition and subtraction, and shape and patterns 
             within geometry. We will apply our learning in problem solving lessons. 

 Year 2; This half term, our Maths learning will focus upon place value to 100, addition and subtraction to 100, and shape within
             geometry. We will apply our learning in problem solving lessons. 




  Year 1; This half term, our learning will focus upon Animals, including humans. We will focus on humans and our own bodies. 
              We will identify, draw and label the different parts of our bodies, and learn which part of our bodies is associated with
               each sense. 
 Year 2; This half term, our learning will focus upon Animals, including humans. We will focus on humans and our own bodies. We
             will be taught the importance of exercise, hygiene and about eating the right amounts different types of food as part of
             a balanced diet. 




 In History, we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and why she was/ is a significant individual. We will learn what she was
 famous for, and comparing her life in the past to our lives in the present day. 
 In Art and design, our learning will be focused upon drawing skills. We will be learning different drawing techniques including 
 how to create tone, texture and pattern using a variety of media (pencils, pencil crayons, pastels and charcoals). We will be 
 learning about the artist Frida Kahlo, before creating a self portrait in her style, applying the different drawing techniques we 
 have learnt. 
 In Music, we will be following the Charanga scheme of work "Hey You" (Year 1) or "Hands, Feet and Heart" (Year 2). We will be 
 learning how to use our voices expressively to sing songs, speak chants and rhymes. 

 In Computing, our learning will be based on the topics of Paint and Computer Art. We will learn how to use a Chromebook and an
 iPad to access different paint programmes. We will then use the different paint tools to create self portraits. 
 In RE, our learning will focus on " Myself and caring for others" (Year 1) or "Belonging" (Year 2). We will be talking about what it 
 feels like to be part of a group and what happens at a christening. 
 In RHE, we will be following the JIGSAW scheme of work " Being me in my world". We will be thinking about what makes us
 special and a good friend. We will also be learning how to keep ourselves safe and healthy. 




 We have PE on Tuesdays (Dance) and Fridays (Multiskills). Our Dance lessons will focus on the theme "We are what we eat"

 and we will working towards putting together a sequence of moves to music. Our Multiskills lessons will be taught by a coach 
 from Express Coaching Services, and we will be learning different rolling, throwing and kicking skills. 
 Children will need to come to school in their PE kit on Tuesdays and Fridays (unless there is a Forest School
 session on the Tuesday). Children should wear a white or green round neck t shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms and 
 plimsolls or trainers. Long hair MUST be tied back. If possible, earrings should be removed however they can be 
 covered with plasters or micro-pore tape if they are unable to be taken out. 

Parent's curriculum grid


 Homework will be published on WEDUC every Friday. This will be a link to an activity on Education City or a spelling activity. The children need to complete this by the following Wednesday. They will receive a stamp on their Bear Hunt or Stick Man
 sheet for each piece of homework completed. 



 Your child's reading book will be changed once a week, every Friday. Please make sure your child brings their reading book into
 school every day. We expect children to read at home, and this to be recorded in their reading diary. 


  Our Forest School dates this half term are:

 - Tuesday 12th September
 - Tuesday 26th September
 - Tuesday 10th October 

  Please bring wellies or a change of shoes to school in a carrier bag so that we can change into them outside before
  the session. 



Trips and Visitors 

 -We are visiting the allotment on Friday 22nd September.
 - We are visiting the library on Monday 25th September.

 - We have a visit from the Education Life Bus in the week beginning 2nd October. 

 If you would like to volunteer to help on either the allotment or library visit please speak to Mrs Brudzinski, Mrs
 Tinsley or Miss Snood. We need at least 5 adult volunteers to be able to attend any visits away from school. 


Useful website links.

Below are some websites you may find useful to support your child's learning: