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Pandas - Nursery

Welcome to Pandas!



Picture 1 Our class teacher is Mrs Renshaw.
Picture 2 Our class teaching assitant is Mrs O'Rourke.
Home learning w/c 1.6.20

This week's learning is based on the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt', which is another of our 10 special books in Nursery:


1. Enjoy listening to the story told by Michael Rosen, who is the author of the book

If you have the book at home, share the book together.


2. Now, let's go on a bear hunt at home!. Use the story to help. You could walk through the grass in the garden, splash in some water in a paddling pool or washing up bowl. What about blowing bubbles to make a swirling, whirling snow storm? Where will the bear's cave be? Could you build a den for him? 


3. Make some binoculars to take on your bear hunt. You only need a couple of cardboard tubes and a bit of string. What about a map of your journey? Get creative with whatever you've got at home to make the grass, water, mud etc.


4. Enjoy some bear toast!


5. Try some more yoga with Cosmic Kids (This is a different way to retell the story)


Finally don't forget to keep up with the NumberBlocks. This week's number is number 8.



Home Learning w/c 18.5.20

This week's home learning is all based on the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', which is one of our 10 special books in Nursery this year:

1. Watch and listen to the animated story Then have a go at retelling the story to a grown-up, trying to remember what the caterpillar ate on each day, and what happened at the end of the story. Don't forget to count the numbers on your fingers too.

2. Try making a paper-chain caterpillar

3. If you've got some paints at home, have a go at a butterfly painting

4. On a butterfly outline (There's one in the paper home learning packs, or simply draw a butterfly shape), decorate the wings with spots and lines (using pencils or felt-tip pens), but don't forget always put the same number on each wing. Think...if you put two blue spots on one wing, you need to put 2 blue spots on the other wing. 

5. Try some yoga as you watch and listen to Cosmic Kids (This is a different way of retelling the story) 


If you have one of the home learning packs, you'll find there are some other activities linked to this story too.

Don't forget, if you've not completed the work on Education City, there's still time to have a go at last week's activities!



Home learning w/c 11.5.20


This week most of your home learning is on Education City


The maths activities this week can be found by going to the following links:

Counting teddies

Numberblocks jigsaws

Numberblocks Number 7

Welcome to Panda class! We have two groups of children in Panda class - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 


Our focus this term is 'Growing'.



In Literacy our special stories this term are 'Jack and the beanstalk', 'The enormous turnip' and 'The very hungry caterpillar'. We will be learning to retell these stories using actions, props and story maps.

We will continue to 'Squiggle while you wiggle' as we listen to music, now focussing on letter formation. We have really enjoyed 'writing' marks in our new floor books, and look forward to doing some more amazing drawing and writing

In our phonics work, we will be focussing on alliteration (similiar sounds at the beginning of words). I wonder what sounds will be in our Sound Box?

In Maths this term we will continue to focus on a number each week so that the children gain a good understanding and knowledge of each number. We will be counting, recognising, forming and beginning to order these numbers. The children will then use this knowledge as they work in our maths area.

Understanding the World


This term we will learn about growing. Firstly we will learn about how seeds grow into plants, and what we need to do to care for plants. Later in the term, we will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.


At the end of the term we will learn about how people celebrate Easter


The 'Jigsaw' theme (our focus for Personal, Social and Emotional development)  is ‘Healthy me’, and we will talk about keeping our bodies healthy by exercising, eating healthy foods and having a good night's sleep.

Nursery curriculum map for the Spring term

Fire fighters visit Nursery

Chinese New Year dancing

Fine Motor Mondays

Working in our floor book

Our Autumn term learning journey

Our Autumn term learning journey 1

Christmas tree floor decoration

Divali dance

Children in Need

'What to expect when' - a guide to how your child grows and develops through the Foundation Stage