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Parrots - Foundation Stage 2 & Year 1

Our Teachers

Our Teaching Assistants

Mrs Scotney is our class teacher. She loves making our learning fun and exciting! We also have two special friends in our class called Mr Parrot and Rosie. They help us with our learning but can sometimes cause mischief in our classroom! Mrs Scotney loves singing and dancing with us during our wake and shake sessions (although her singing isn't that great!) Her favourite author is Julia Donaldson and she has LOTS of her books which she enjoys reading to us. Parrot Class is a Foundation 2/Year 1 class and we are all Superhero learners! We love a challenge and we always have a can do attitude. We always work as a team and help our friends when they need us. We enjoy our 'Rainbow Challenges' when we take charge of our own learning, deciding which challenges we want to complete first. 

Important Information about Parrot Class

P.E Days- All children have P.E onThursdays. Year 1 also have P.E on Fridays. Please make sure that your child is wearing their P.E kit to school and that any jackets/hoodies are labelled. If you have earrings please take them out or cover them with plasters and tie long hair up.

Labelling clothes- Please label all cardigans, jumpers, coats, hats etc with your child's name!

Homework- All children are expected to read 4 times per week. Reading rewards are also given at the end of each half term for children who have read 25 times or more over the half term. 

Year 1 children will be set homework activities on Education City on a Friday to be completed by the following Friday. 


Reading Books- Your child's reading book will be changed once a week on a Friday. Please make sure children bring their book to school each day. 




Our Learning this half term will be based around the theme of 'Where the Wild Things are' with a focus on Minibeasts!





Our special stories are 'Superworm’, ‘Mad about Minibeasts’ and ‘Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop’. We are very excited to continue our Drawing Club Journey. Each week we will read one of the stories and then create our own characters and adventures based on them. We will use our phonics knowledge to write labels, captions and codes linked to our drawings. The year 1 children will also write sentences to go with their drawings with a focus on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. They will also be learning how to add suffixes to words. We are excited about making our own wormery. We will write a list of what resources we need and then a set of instructions to help another class to make one too. The children will learn what a riddle is and we will be writing our own riddles based on one of the minibeasts from our focused text- Mad About Minibeasts. We will also be learning about rhyming and creating rhymes. In our daily Supersonic Phonics sessions we will continue to learn the Basics 3 letter sounds and how to blend and segment these sounds in words. The Year 1 children will continue learning the alternative sounds in Basics 5 and apply this knowledge to read and write words and simple sentences. 

We take a mastery approach to maths. Focusing on a number over 2 weeks to gain an in-depth knowledge & understanding of each number. We will be counting, recognising and ordering these numbers. We will be learning how to partition the numbers to help us to add and subtract them using a range of resources such as 10s frames, part-part whole templates and numicon to help us. We will learn about doubling and halving. We will also be exploring capacity and time. The year 1s will learn about place value to 100. They will also be introduced to multiplication and division. 

Our focus this half term is animals and their habitats. We are excited about visiting our Wildlife Area to look at the different minibeasts and their habitats. We will learn the names of different minibeasts and discuss why they are suited to different habitats. We will be creating our own wormery and learning how to take care of our worms. We will also be taking care of some baby caterpillars and watching them grow and change into beautiful butterflies. We are also having some minibeasts come to visit.



In Geography the Year 1s will be learning about maps and will create a map of our school. In UTW the F2 children will will look at where our school is on Google Earth. We will also be visiting Vicar Water and using Google Maps to plan our route.  

In Expressive Arts and Design the children will be learning about colour mixing and printing skills.

In Computing the Year 1 children will be learning how to use the Chromebooks to create, edit and save text. F2s will be exploring a range of apps on the iPads. 

During Music sessions, we will be following the Charanga Music scheme. We will listen and respond to different styles of music and explore and create (pulse, rhythm and pitch) using voices and instruments. 

In RE, the children will learn about ‘Belonging’. We will discuss the different groups and communities that we belong to. The children will also be learning about how and why people celebrate Ramadan. The Year 1 children will also listen to a range of Christian stories. 


This half term in PE/PD we will be teaching the Year 1 children  Dance and Games. In Dance the children will be learning how to sequence a range of movements to create a dance. In Games, they will be learning different skills need to play rounders. 

The F2 children are excited to continue their Balance Ability sessions! 

In class we enjoy our daily wake & shake, dough disco and Yoga sessions to help us to develop our balance, co-ordination, and core strength. The children also have access to a wide range of ourdoor equipment which they can access on a daily basis during free flow. 


Our Jigsaw topic is ‘Relationships’ we will talk about making friends, falling out and being the best friend we can be. Our British Value focus is ‘Individual Liberty’. We will listen to a range of stories to help us to understand what this mean.

We will continue to take part in our daily yoga and Well-Being Wednesday sessions to help us to learn how we can look after our well-being and mental health. 





Our Forest School sessions this half term are-

Monday 15th April

Monday29th April

Monday 10th June

Monday 1st July

Children need to come dressed in weather appropriate clothes that can get muddy. Please send children with wellies or old shoes in a named bag so that the can get changed into them before the session. 

Learning Activities

Click on the links below to have a go at some fun games that will help you with your learning.

Education City


Phonics Play

Phonics Bloom

Oxford Owl

Numberblocks Activities

Numberblocks Episodes

Alphablocks Activities

Alphablocks Episodes



Have a look at the slideshows below to find out what fun learning activities we have been taking part in!

What a great day we had in parrots celebrating world book day. We had a visit from children’s author Adrian Beeden who read us a story and taught us to draw the main character in his books then a visit from our mystery unicorn reader. Topped off with a lovely bedtime story event with our grown ups

Ice Melting Investigation

Great Fire of London Drama

Our first library visit!

Virtual author visit & a draw along with the illustrator. When Cookie Crumbled by Michelle Robinson & Tom Knight

Harvest Song

Still image for this video

Parrots 2022-2023 Photos

Year 1 children- Learning to play the Didgeridoo

Visit from Grandad Wheels