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Supersonic Phonic Friends


Here at JTR we use the phonic scheme Supersonic Phonic Friends which is DFE validated. 


Supersonic Phonic Friends ensures we have absolute consistency across the teaching of phonics.   Active engagement at all times, ensures every session is maximised, making every minute count.


Each character has special skills to support children with their phonic progress and application into reading and writing.  Fun and physical indoor and outdoors and so much more...


Meet some of the characters in Supersonic Phonic Friends who help us.



Supersonic Phonic Friends is exciting, engaging and brain friendly phonics made simple!


Parent newsletters are sent out for all the phases to support and carry on learning at home.  Some children receive a pre teach and post teach to help support them to access the learning in class. 

Children have daily Supersonic Phonic Friends lessons which last between 20-30 minutes depending on the time of year and the year group. 


See below for the order the different sounds are taught.














Supersonic Phonic Friends Helpful Phrases and Actions

Uploaded by Supersonic Phonic Friends on 2021-09-23.

The Spellings for the Sounds ~ The Basics 2

The Spellings for the Sounds ~ The Basics 2 Come and watch our Phonic friends from Clarendon Road Primary School pronounce sounds clearly and precisely!

The Spelling for the Sound ~ The Basics 3

Uploaded by Supersonic Phonic Friends on 2021-09-23.

Please note we do not teach lead in cursive handwriting as seen above. For more information on handwriting please see the English information.