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Religious Education

At John T. Rice Infant school we use the Nottinghamshire Agreed syllabus when planning and teaching the R.E curriculum. Lessons are taught discreetly via whole class sessions or through our English work. 


In November 2020, schools in Nottinghamshire were given the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, 'RE for All' 2021-2026.


Through the use of the Syllabus we use RE to enable our pupils to gain insight and knowledge that will equip them as responsible members in our society. The Syllabus we follow encourages pupils to discover more about religion and world views on a range of topics. They are encouraged to explain their ideas and insights into key questions which face all human beings as we travel through life. They take part in school lessons, visits and trips.


The three fold aims of RE in Nottinghamshire will ensure that our pupils:

1. Know and understand a range of religions and world views which allow them to recognise the diversity which exists in our society. 

2. Can express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and the impact of religious world views as they develop their own personal views on a range of issues. 

3. Develop and use skills which will assist them to engage seriously with religions and world views.


By following the Agreed Syllabus, RE will contribute to a whole range of school priorities. Their study will promote spiritual, cultural, social and moral development, as well as enabling them to consider British Values such as tolerance and respect for others who hold different world views.


If you would like to know more about the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus a copy is available for you to read in school. 


RE questions interwoven into F2 teaching:


Autumn 1 - Which stories are special and why?

Autumn 2 - Which people are special and why?

Spring 1 - What places are special and why?

Spring 2 - Which times are special and why?

Summer 1 - Who are we and how do we belong?

Summer 2 - How can we care for living things on earth?


RE themes taught in KS1:


Autumn 1

Year 1- Myself and caring for others

Year 2 - Belonging


Autumn 2

Yea1 & 2 - Christmas


Spring 1

Year 1 - Symbol and religious worship

Year 2 - Leaders


Spring 2

Year 1 & 2 - Easter


Summer 1

Year 1 - Beliefs and teachings - the stories of Jesus

Yea 2 - Believing - The Jewish Faith


Summer 2

Year 1 & 2 - How and why are some stories important to Christians and Jews?


RE Progression Document