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Tigers - Foundation Stage 2

Welcome to Tigers!


Important information about Tiger Class


PE: All children will have P.E on Wednesday. Please make sure that your child is wearing their P.E kit to school and that any jackets/hoodies are labelled. If you have earrings please take them out or cover them with plasters and tie long hair up.

Homework: All children are expected to read 4 times per week. Reading rewards are also given at the end of each half term for children who have read 25 times or more over the half term.

Open Door is on a Thursday morning 8.40-8:55

Reading Books: Your child's reading book will be changed once a week on a Friday. Please make sure children bring their book to school each day.



All about Tiger Class

In Tiger Class we always try our best and have a go even when it's tricky. We love a challenge and understand it's ok to make mistakes, that just shows we're learning! We are kind to all our friends in Tiger Class and we like to help each other. We're all superstars!


First full week in Tigers!


                                                                        Our Learning Challenge for this term is...



Our Learning this half term will be based around the topic of 'Food Glorious Food'. We will learn about different foods and which ones we need to eat to keep us healthy. Also, how we need to exercise and have basic hygiene to stay healthy. The children will learn about their own bodies and name the different parts. We will also learn about our 5 senses and carry out investigations to explore these. In Past and Present we will be learning about our own personal history. In Expressive Arts and Design we will help to set up our class home corner where children can use their imagination to recreate roles and experiences. Our outdoor role play area will be a Superhero Lair where we can dress up and pretend to be superheroes saving the day! We will also design and make our own superhero masks. The children will be working on their pencil skills to help them to draw self portraits.  In Computing we will be learning how to use the iPads and use them to take a photo of our rainbow challenges. During Music sessions, we will be following the Charanga Music scheme. We will listen and respond to different styles of music and explore and create (pulse, rhythm and pitch) using voices and instruments. In RE, the children will begin to appreciate their uniqueness and explore the topic of which stories are special and why. In PE F2 children will be focusing on spatial awareness and different ways of travelling .We also enjoy our daily dough disco and Yoga sessions to help us to develop our finger strength, balance and co-ordination and core strength.  






Our special stories this term are ‘Superkid’, ‘Supertato’ and ‘The Runaway Pea'. The children will design and make their own Supertato. They will draw themselves as a superhero and think about what their superpower would be. They will also be sorting healthy and non-healthy foods and thinking about what letter sounds they begin with. The children will create a Wanted poster to help us to capture the evil pea! In our daily phonics sessions we will learn the Basics 2 letter sounds and how to blend and segment these sounds in words. 



We take a mastery approach to maths to ensure that learning is deep and embedded. The children focus on a number over two weeks using Numberblocks as a stimulus, to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of each number. We will be counting, recognising, forming and ordering these numbers. We will also be finding numbers that are one more/less using practical resources to help us. Children will be learning to understand and use positional language. We will also be sequencing our daily routine.






In PE/PD the F2 children will be taking part in weekly lessons focusing on spatial awareness and different ways of travelling. 

In class we enjoy our daily wake & shake, dough disco and Yoga sessions to help us to develop our balance, co-ordination, and core strength. The children also have access to a wide range of ourdoor equipment which they can access on a daily basis during free flow. 




Our Jigsaw topic is ‘Being Me in My World’. We will talk about our feelings and how to work together cooperatively (e.g. listening to adults, tidying up, playing nicely with our friends). Children will begin to learn how to express their feelings and consider the feelings of others.

Our British Values focus this half term is Democracy. 

We will continue to take part in our daily yoga and Well-Being Wednesday sessions to help us to learn how we can look after our well-being and mental health. 



Learning Activities


Below are some useful links for at home learning.