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What does your child learn at school each day?

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Our curriculum is driven by the Learning Challenge Approach. This has a main focus question as an overview for the half term and then each week we have a different question to drive the learning that week. These are very open-ended and link to the main focus question. We encourage the children to think about the questions at the beginning and end of each week to see if they can answer them with the learning they have done. The topic activities are planned to ensure they link to each question. The Learning Challenge Approach ensures work is very interactive and hands-on. It also encourages independence with learning. The children in Key Stage 1 have activity star charts where they are encourage to place a star against their name upon completion of each activity. They can decide which activity to do and when. 


Children will often say:

"I love filling up my star chart with the different coloured stars".

"I like to decide the activity I do first"

"I can decide who I want to work with"




Learning Challenge afternoons

Teachers try to use the outdoors to make the learning diverse and exciting. We have a large outdoor area, a well developed foundation stage playground and a pond and wildlife area. We make use of the local area and visit the local allotment each term. Our maths, reading  and writing is linked well into the other areas of the curriculum.

Foundation Stage Continous Provision

Archery sessions

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Spring 1 2019-Parent information

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Summer 1 2019-Parent Information

Summer 1 2019-Parent Information


At John T Rice Infant School, the letters and sounds phonic programme is used across the school to support the teaching of reading. Children learn to blend letters and groups of letters together to read words.


All children in F1, F2, Year 1 and Year 2 access a daily, 20 minute discrete, systematic phonics lesson. These sessions follow the sound reading system methodology using the sequence of letters and sounds programme. The discrete sessions are a mixture of Year Group specific coverage and focused group sessions.



At John T Rice Infant School we use a range of reading schemes. We aim to foster a real love of books and want all children to have access to high quality reading material. In order to support the children moving through the different reading stages, all the books are Book Banded in to colours and Free Readers. Children will have a reading diary containing a bookmark of questions related to their current reading stage. We encourage parents to read with their child at home every night and record this in their reading diary. Rewards are given when they reach a certain number of nights.


Switch on intervention is used throughout Key Stage 1 to give extra support to some children.