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Foundation stage 2

Learning in Foundation 2


We aim to make every day an interesting one for all our children. During each day, the children will be involved in a range of different learning opportunities. Child-initiated play happens throughout the day. This is an opportunity for the children to take part in activities which they choose for themselves. This enables them to become independent people who can make decisions, select equipment, ask questions, organise themselves and co-operate with others. In the early stages, children will need support as they make friends and get to know the environment. As they get more confident they are encouraged to choose more carefully and work on more ambitious, longer term ideas. This will be the time when they complete their weekly Rainbow Challenges. Children will also take part in a range of Teacher-led activities each day which focus on a particular area of learning. In addition to this, children will take part in daily phonics sessions, whole class reading, whole class maths and English daily inputs. All of which we ensure to be fun, practical and engaging in order to motivate the children to learn. The curriculum is based around the 7 features of effective practise.

7 Key Features of Effective Practise

Our Curriculum is broad, balanced and rich with lot of hands on experiences!

F2 Progression Document